Link Workers

Our Link Workers have the role of looking after each of our students while they are at Spring Brook School. They have lots of experience dealing with young people and their families.

As soon as a student has a place at Spring Brook , one of our Link Workers will contact home to make arrangements for admission. The Link Workers do all that they can to help things run as smoothly as possible.

Your Link Worker will keep you up to date with every aspect of your child’s education. In return, we ask you to give lots of support and co-operation to help us help your child.

Link Workers may contact you to share progress every day if necessary; for older students who are settled, this might be reduced to a couple of times per week. This regular contact will keep you informed about what is happening and any concerns or worries can be shared. Linkworkers can support parents in a number of ways, including helping to fill in forms, writing letters and accompanying them on visits and of course by being a listening ear. Within school there is a half-termly Parent Cafe where we have discussions and workshops about a number of topics including dealing with behaviours and e-safety. There is also a half-termly family night which is also an opportunity for parents to talk amongst themselves and share advice and experiences. All of this helps to create a learning culture between home and school to improve pupils’ attendance, punctuality and individual progress.

Your linkworker is always happy to meet parents either at home or at school to talk through specific issues.

KS1 & 2 Linkworker: Mrs J Sanderson
Telephone: 07817 879 593

KS3 Linkworker: Mr M Greenhalgh
Telephone: 07531 343 537

KS4 Linkworker: Miss C Beaumont
Telephone: 07903 626 030