History KS3

Topics covered:

Year 7

Focus on 1066 – 1603. You will study how life changed and what happened during this period that affected the way people lived and worked, moved around, ruled and were ruled. You will study life in England and its neighbours Wales and Scotland as well as in other parts of the world.

• What is history – introduction to important historical skills and methods.
• Ruling – Why and how did people invade England? How did William 1 control England; Crown v Church; The Middle Ages.
• Living and Working – How did people live in 1000; Normans; China in the Middle Ages; Medieval England and the Black Death; Tudors.
• Moving and Travelling – Arab culture in the Middle Ages; England – robbers and bandits; crusades; explorers.

Year 8

Focus on 1603-1901. This was a time of great change. It saw overthrow of kings and rulers, the birth of the United Kingdom, the development of industry and the growth of empires.

• Ruling – the English Civil War; Liberty and Protests.
• Living and Working – deadly diseases, witchcraft and the Great Fire of London; the American West; the age of steam engines; law, order and Jack the Ripper.
• Moving and Travelling – Slavery; voyages of discovery; the impact of steam on transport; the Empire.

Year 9

Introduction to the 20th Century

• Suffragettes
• The lead up to WW1
• WW1
• Civil Rights
• The Cold War
• Terrorism