Geography KS3

Topics covered:


• Our place in the world – making and mapping connections.
Unit includes: map work – using plans and scales; grid references; direction; contour lines; using OS maps and map drawing.
Settlements - Unit includes: choosing a site for a settlement; how settlements grow; patterns of land-use in towns; changes in settlements.
Exploring Britain - Unit includes: what is Britain? People of Britain; contrasts in Britain;
Rivers and Flooding - Unit includes – weathering and erosion; rock types and scenery; the water cycle; river landscapes; flooding.
Geography of Sport - Unit includes: globalisation; case study of a major event.


• Natural Disasters
- Unit includes: Geographical distribution of natural disasters; Plate tectonics; Volcanoes; Earthquakes
Population - UK focus - Unit includes: Who are the British? Population distribution and change; migration
Ecosystems - Unit includes: How is an ecosystem related to climate? Tropical rainforest; Arctic tundra; environments in danger
Globalisation Unit includes: How am I linked to the world? Multinational corporations – Nike and Primark.
Geography of Crime Unit includes: How is crime linked to geography? Mapping crime; designing out crime.


• Development
- Unit includes: Rich and poor world; what is development; focus on Africa
China case study - Unit includes: Physical geography; population; environmental damage.
Tourism - Unit includes: World tourism; Benidorm; eco-tourism