Preparation for Working Life

KS4: Preparation for Working Life

Exam Board: AQA
Level 1 – GCSE Shortcourse D-G
Level 2 – GCSE Shortcourse A*-C

80% Exam

Section A) Multiple choice
Section B) Short sentence answers
Section C) Longer, structured answers

20% Coursework

a) Letter of Application (5%) – marked out of 5
b) Curriculum Vitae (5%) – marked out of 5
c) Interview Preparation (10%) – marked out of 10

Subject content is divided into 9 sections

Personal Awareness
Healthy Lifestyles for work life balance
Relationships and the differences between people
The changing world of work
Applying for jobs and courses
Economic and financial aspects of life
Employment opportunities
Enterprise activities
Hazard identification at home, on the roads and at work