Photography GCSE

Why choose photography?

To discover new and exciting ways of working creatively.

The opportunity to study from broad‐based projects both individually and in collaboration with other students.

Concentrating on contemporary technologies in the main. Digital Cameras and Digital manipulation of Images.

Assessment Information

• Students follow a AQA GCSE examination course
• All work is assessed internally by Mr Slater and then moderated by an external examiner.
• Students will produce a Portfolio (Known as Unit 1)
• The Portfolio will demonstrate the development of ideas, exploration of media and techniques, and reference to the work of a variety of photographers and approaches to photograph. The Portfolio will support final outcomes.
• Externally Set Assignment (Known as Unit 2) takes place in year 11. Exam papers are released on January 1st in Year 11.
• Coursework: 60%
• Externally Set Assignment: 40%

Course Content and Activities

This course offers the opportunity to select from a range of starting points including:

• Portraiture
• Landscape
• Still Life
• Documentary Photography
• Fine Art (Installation)
• Computer manipulation