Science KS3

Key Stage 3 Science is studied from year seven to the end of year 9.

At Spring Brook we use the new Exploring Science scheme of work (working scientifically) this follows the new curriculum orders (starting September 2014) over 3 years, and covers the following four core strands:

Working scientifically (Science investigations)

We have ensured that our Science scheme of work provides the three routes of achievement to cater for all abilities developing, secure and exceeding progress. It provides specific literacy and numeracy activities, as well as material for pupils with SEN and EAL issues. It is very important to us to provide differentiation for pupils with different abilities, prior attainment, behaviour and language skills.

The current KS3 Science course also places a strong emphasis on the inclusion of ICT, and has excellent materials for improving investigative skills.

The scheme still provides assessment using the national curriculum levels which pupils are used to.