Science KS4

At KS4 most students will study the core Science GCSE programme (Core science A) this will be studied over a 2 year period.

The students will be examined at the end of year 11 with 3 x 1 hour written papers (each worth 25% of the overall mark) for units1-3, and a controlled assessment (Unit 4) assessed by the teacher also worth 25% of the overall mark.

For some students where a GCSE may not be a realistic or appropriate goal we offer the Entry level certificate and/or AQA unit awards (through AQA examination board). These qualifications are taught and assessed in small units and the Entry level certificate follows a similar programme of study to the GCSE science.

Entry Level Certificate in Science and or AQA unit awards give some students a more realistic target to achieve and may enable some of the more able students to progress to GCSE at a later date.

Science KS4

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