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Characteristics of the school (including significant changes since the last inspection):

Spring Brook School is a Local Authority provision for children with statements of social, emotional and behavioural need. Pupils are drawn from all areas of the borough, with only 3 pupils currently that are extra district. In September 2013 the age range of the school extended from a primary provision to provide education for pupils aged 4 – 16. The primary and secondary provision are on sites 2.6 miles apart.
The pupils have deeply entrenched disruptive behaviours and have a history of high levels of violence and aggression in at least one other primary or secondary school. Some children have accompanying significant Specific Learning Difficulties which, over time, have created deep insecurities around learning. Others have huge knowledge and skill gaps, because of missed opportunities, which have helped to create their insecure feelings about school and learning. Some pupils arrived at the school without a statement but began that process immediately. Some pupils are permanently excluded before arriving at the school.


Many of the families to which our children belong have been supported over long periods of time by various interventions from Social Services and several other agencies but remain socially disadvantaged. On arrival, most of our pupils are disengaged from learning and place little value on academic success.

Pupil roll

Individual cohort sizes vary considerably year on year and within each year group during each academic year. Currently in the secondary setting 17% of pupils are Y11, 23% are Y10, 17% are Y9, 15% are Y8 and 25% are Y7. In the primary setting 32% of pupils are Y6, 16% are Y5, 16% are Y4, 20% are Y3, and 16% are Y2. These fluctuations impact on data analysis making viable comparisons and grouping pupils for learning difficult.
For the first time since the school opened, due to a rising trend in numbers, Spring Brook admitted a cohort of KS1 pupils in September 2012. September 2016 saw a second KS1 class open due to increased demand for the provision. Many of our current Y2 cohort are working on the EYFS curriculum due to significant gaps in early learning opportunities.


In the Lower School, the intake is predominately White British (72%) with 12% of pupils of mixed race, 8% Eastern European and 8% of Black African heritage.
In the Upper School, the intake is also predominately White British (90%) with 5% of pupils of mixed race and 5% of Eastern European heritage. In the Lower school 80% of pupils have a statement of educational need with the remaining 20% pupils (5) undergoing statutory assessment. In the upper school 97% of pupils are in receipt of a statement; 3% pupils (1) are undergoing statutory assessement. Looked After Children represent 8% of the Lower School cohort and 5% of the Upper School. Pupil Premium is received for 48% of pupils at the Lower School and 36% of pupils are in receipt of Free School Meals. Pupil Premium is received for 70% of pupils at the Upper School and 54% of pupils are in receipt of Free School Meals.


12% of the pupils at the Lower School and 2% at the Upper School are female (4 pupils in total).

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